Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum


Just steps from the Beach, the Museum holds countless treasures from the City's past.

The Port Hueneme Historical Society Museum is located at 220 N Market Street in Port Hueneme. Built in 1925, the building was originally the Bank of Hueneme, then it was the city's first City Hall. Today, the Museum - listed as Ventura County Landmark No. 32 - houses historical artifacts, photographs and information on the history of the Hueneme area. Famed architect Myron Hunt designed the building, who was also responsible for designing the Bard Mansion, the Huntington Library in San Marino, and the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Displays are maintained by the City's Administration and Community Services Department and the Historical Museum Commission.

2018 Museum Sponsored Events

  • First Sunday Rock Painting Workshop at noon $5
    Email Amy to sign up.
  • Second Sunday Sea Glass Workshop at12:30 p.m. (wait list) $5
    Email Amy to sign up.
  • Third Friday History of Port Tour at10 a.m. Must see Museum film in advance to sign up
  • Third Sunday Knot-typing Class at noon (starts in January) 
  • Fourth Sunday Scrapbooking Workshop at noon $5
    Email us to sign up.
  • May 28 Second Annual Memorial Day (City Hall) at 9 a.m. 
  • November 11 Third Annual Veterans Day (City Hall) at 8:30 a.m.
  • December 1 Fifth Annual "People Making a Difference" Awards (Comm. Center) at 11 a.m.

2018 Distinguished Speaker Series

The Museum is hosting a "Distinguished Speaker Series" featuring special guest speakers sharing experiences or historical information about people and places in Ventura County. This is a wonderful opportunity if you are interested in local history. 

All ages welcome and free of charge. These events normally are held on Saturdays at the Museum, at 11 a.m, but see the schedule below for exact dates and times. 

  • January 20 Retired Supervisor John Flynn "History of Ventura County"
  • January 27 Frank Naumann "Naumann Family Immigration and Move to Oxnard"
  • February 3 John Krist, "Ventura County Farm Bureau"
  • February 10 Dr. Colleen Delaney "Human istory on Santa Rosa Island"
  • February 24 Rose Castro-Bran "Lighthouses in Hueneme and Southern Calif."
  • March 3 Dennis O'Leary "Rosalba Strawberry Field Baby"
  • March 24 Frank Gorman, Olympic Silver Medalist "Conversation with Beverly Kelley"
  • April 28 Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Event
  • May 5 Sylvia Munoz Schnopp "Cristero Rebellion"
  • May 12 Jeff Maulhardt "Oxnard Bros Sugar Beet Plant in Ventura County" 
  • May 19 Eleanor Arrellanes Fishburn "History of Churmash in Ventura County"
  • May 28 Second Annual Memorial Day (City Hall) at 9 a.m. 
  • June 2 Jim Kosinski "Mariner History of Ventura County and Coast Areas"
  • June 9 Robert Salas "UFOs and Nukes" 
  • June 23 Jim Campos "Lemon and Orange Labels of Ventura County" 
  • July 14 Linda Bentz, "Chinese Abalone Harvesting at Channel Islands" 
  • July 21 Joy Todd "Impossible Women of Pleasant Valley"
  • August 4 Eileen Tracy "History of the Saviers Family"
  • August 11 Richard Senate "Films Made in Hueneme Area"
  • August 18 Frank Naumann "Pleasant Valley Cemetery and Savier's grave" 
  • September 8 Dr. Herb Gooch and Jon Sharkey "Conversation about Local Politics: 1960-2018"
  • September 15 Gerry Olsen "Adolfo Camarillo"
  • October 20 Richard Senate "Ghosts and Hanunted Places in Ventura County"
  • October 27 Kim Castro-Bran "Ultimate Guide to California Lighthouses"
  • November 3 Dr. Rainer Buschmann "WWI: The Road to War" Part 2
  • November 11 Third Annual Veterans Day (City Hall) at 8:30 a.m.
  • December 1 "People Making a Difference" Awards (Community Center) at 11