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Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulation

The State of California has made business recycling a requirement in newly enacted legislation (AB 341). By July 1, 2012, all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of trash per week and all multifamily complexes with five or more units (regardless of how much trash they generate) will be required to recycle.


The threshold for compliance is determined by solid waste service capacity, and does not take into account whether or not the dumpster is actually filled on a weekly basis. Businesses sharing trash service that meet this threshold must recycle even if they individually do not generate 4 cubic yards of waste.


Businesses include firms, partnerships, corporations, non-profit entities, strip malls (property complexes containing two or more commercial entities), industrial facilities, schools, colleges, universities and government facilities.


If your business does not already subscribe to commercial recycling service, the City of Port Hueneme’s Solid Waste Division can help guide you through the transition. Free business waste evaluations are available to help determine the appropriate service level and get you started.  In many cases adding recycling service can reduce your overall trash bill.


For questions about your company’s current service levels, or to schedule a free solid waste evaluation, contact Fred Camarillo at (805) 986-6556.